Caley Ostrander

Founder & Creative Director

Wildes District was founded by Caley Ostrander, a New York City-based designer with deep experience in branding, identity, and product design. After years of working for established brands such as Chanel, Warby Parker, Birchbox, The Row, ALDO, Ralph Lauren and more, she founded Wildes District with the goal of helping clients bridge the gap between cutting-edge product design and sophisticated, elegant brand design.


Wildes District Origins

Wildes District is a nod to a section of town in Kennebunkport, Maine of the same name where Caley grew up. Rumor has it that the area was given this nickname after the wreck of the Wanby, a British steam freighter that ran aground off the coast nearby. The ship's pet monkey escaped the wreck and ran into the woods, and from that point on was frequently spotted by locals who began referring to the area as "Wildes District".


Brands Caley has worked with:


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