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GREAT Design Evokes Emotion


Design brings color and joy to our lives. It's expressive - it evokes emotion and can communicate on a deeper, universal level that words cannot. We believe that design is the best way to communicate personality, voice and authenticity in our increasingly brand-saturated world. 


We Believe...


The 10,000 Foot View


Today, digital product design is so focused on the technical minutiae that designers often forget about the 10,000-foot view. What does it mean when we put it all together as a cohesive experience, and what does that aesthetic say about us? Our users will experience our products holistically, and make assumptions about who we are based on our high-level design. It's is crucial that we get it right and put our best foot forward. Read more about our design philosophy here.


With our background in design for luxury, fashion and beauty clients, we are deeply sensitive to aesthetics and brand vision while designing for holistic websites, apps and seamless user experiences.






Branding & Identity

Product/UI Design


User Experience (UX)


Brand Strategy


Art Direction

Freelance & Consulting

Print Design

Illustration & Art



We are a full-stack design studio with experience designing for a broad set of mediums. Our digital experience includes web design (includes responsive and mobile web design), native app design, digital installation design, user experience / research design, and design for social media such as digital assets. In addition, we have experience designing for various print mediums such as posters, business cards, books, signage, menus, packaging, and more. With our experience in branding & identity, we offer far more beyond just logos and color palettes – we provide icons, fonts, fully-fleshed out styleguides, pitch decks, custom art & illustration and on-brand art direction. In addition, we are available for consulting & freelance for help with high-level roadmapping, strategy and design direction.


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Drop us a line to collaborate (or just say hey!) anytime at 646.820.4812 or reach out to us at hello@wildesdistrict.com